Automobile Full Forms List


A list of Important?????Automobile Full Forms?????is Mentioned Below in detail. List is useful for competitive exams like SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS, RRB NTPC, LIC AAO

Sr No Acronym Full Form
1 4WD Four Wheel Drive(FWD
2 ABS Anti-lock Braking System
3 ARAI Automotive Research Association of India
4 BHR Brake Horse Power
5 BMEP Brake Mean Effective Pressure
6 BSFC Brake Specific Fuel Consumption
7 C.I ENGINE Compression Ignition Engine
8 CC Cubic Capacity
9 CCVTI Controlled Combustion Variable Timing Ignition
10 CDI Capacitor Discharge Ignition
11 CNG Compressed Natural Gas
12 CRDI Common Rail Direct Injection
13 CVTI Charged motion Variable Time Ignition
14 DFI Digital Fuel Injection
15 DI ENGINE Direct Injection Engine
16 DOHC Double Overhead Camshaft
17 DTSI Digital Twin Spark Ignition
18 EBD Electronic Brakeforce Distribution
19 EC ENGINE External Combustion Engine
20 EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation
21 ESC Electronic Stability Control
22 EVRV Electronic Vacuum Regulator Valve
23 FHS Frictional Horse Power
24 GVW Gross Vehicle Weight
25 HCV Heavy Commercial Vehicle
26 HVAC Heating ventilating and Air Conditioning
27 ICE Internal Combustion Engine
28 IHP Indicated Horse Power
29 IMEP Indicated Mean Effective Pressure
30 ISFC Indicated Specific Fuel Consumption
31 JCB Joseph Cyril Bamford
32 KPH Kilometer Per Hour
33 KPL Kilometer Per Liter
34 LCV Light Commercial Vehicle
35 LSPV Load Sensing Proportioning Valve
36 MPFI Multi Point Fuel Injection
37 MRF Madras Rubber Factory
38 MUV Multi Utility Vehicle
39 OBD On Board Diagnose
40 OHV Over Head Valve
41 PUC Pollution Under Control
42 RPM Revolutions Per Minute
43 RTO Regional Transport Office/ Road Transport Office
44 SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
45 SFC Specific Fuel Consumption
46 SI ENGINE Spark Ignition Engine
47 SOHC Single Over Head Camshaft
48 SRS Supplemental Restraint System
49 SUV Sport Utility Vehicle
50 TC Traction Control
51 TDI Turbocharged Direct Injection
52 TRO Regional Transport Office/ Road Transport Office
53 TVS Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram
54 VDB Ventilated Disc Brake
55 VGT Variable Geometry Turbocharger
56 VTVT Variable Timing Valve Train
57 VVTI Variable Valve Timing
58 WGT Waste Gas Turbocharger
59 ZWD Two Wheel Drive


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