Words To Improve And Enlarge Your English Vocabulary List A


Abase v. To Lower In Position, Estimation, Or The Like; Degrade.
Abbess n. The Lady Superior Of A Nunnery.
Abbey n. The Group Of Buildings Which Collectively Form The Dwelling-Place Of A Society Of Monks Or Nuns.
Abbot n. The Superior Of A Community Of Monks.
Abdicate v. To Give Up (Royal Power Or The Like).
Abdomen n. In Mammals, The Visceral Cavity Between The Diaphragm And The Pelvic Floor; The Belly.
Abject adv. Sunk To A Low Conditio
Abjure v. To Recant, Renounce, Repudiate Under Oath.
Able-Bodied adv. Competent For Physical Service.
Ablution n. A Washing Or Cleansing, Especially Of The Body.
Abnegate v. To Renounce (A Right Or Privilege).
Abnormal adv. Not Conformed To The Ordinary Rule Or Standard.
Abominable adv. Very Hateful.
Abominate v. To Hate Violently.
Abomination n. A Very Detestable Act Or Practice.
Aboriginal adv. Primitive; Unsophisticated.
Abridge v. To Make Shorter In Words, Keeping The Essential Features, Leaning Out Minor Particles.
Abridgment n. A Condensed Form As Of A Book Or Play.
Abrogate v. To Abolish, Repeal.
Abrupt adv. Beginning, Ending, Or Changing Suddenly Or With A Break.
Abscess n. A Collection Of Pus In A Cavity Formed Within Some Tissue Of The Body.
Abscission n. The Act Of Cutting Off, As In A Surgical Operatio
Abscond v. To Depart Suddenly And Secretly, As For The Purpose Of Escaping Arrest.
Absence n. The Fact Of Not Being Present Or Available.
Absent-Minded adv. Lacking In Attention To Immediate Surroundings Or Business.
Absolution n. Forgiveness, Or Passing Over Of Offenses.
Absolve v. To Free From Sin Or Its Penalties.
Absorb v. To Drink In Or Suck Up, As A Sponge Absorbs Water.
Absorption n. The Act Or Process Of Absorbing.
Abstain v. To Keep Oneself Back (From Doing Or Using Something).
Abstemious adv. Characterized By Self Denial Or Abstinence, As In The Use Of Drink, Food.
Abstinence n. Self Denial.
Abusive adv. Employing Harsh Words Or Ill Treatment.
Abut v. To Touch At The End Or Boundary Line.
Abyss n. Bottomless Gulf.
Accelerate v. To Move Faster.
Accept v. To Take When Offered.
Access n. A Way Of Approach Or Entrance; Passage.
Accessible adv. Approachable.
Accession n. Induction Or Elevation, As To Dignity, Office, Or Government.
Accessory n. A Person Or Thing That Aids The Principal Agent.
Acclaim v. To Utter With A Shout.
Accommodate v. To Furnish Something As A Kindness Or Favor.
Accompaniment n. A Subordinate Part Or Parts, Enriching Or Supporting The Leading Part.
Accomplish v. To Bring To Pass.
Accordion n. A Portable Free-Reed Musical Instrument.
Accost v. To Speak To.
Account n. A Record Or Statement Of Receipts And Expenditures, Or Of Business Transactions.
Accouter v. To Dress.
Accredit v. To Give Credit Or Authority To.
Accumulate v. To Become Greater In Quantity Or Number.
Accuracy n. Exactness.
Acerbity n. Sourness, With Bitterness And Astringency.
Acetate n. A Salt Of Acetic Acid.
Acetic adv. Of, Pertaining To, Or Of The Nature Of Vinegar.
Acid n. A Sour Substance.
Acidify v. To Change Into Acid.
Acknowledge v. To Recognize; To Admit The Genuineness Or Validity Of.
Acknowledgment n. Recognitio
Acme n. The Highest Point, Or Summit.
Acquiescence n. Passive Consent.
Acquire v. To Get As One’S Own.
Acquisition n. Anything Gained, Or Made One’S Own, Usually By Effort Or Labor.
Acquit v. To Free Or Clear, As From Accusation.
Acquittal n. A Discharge From Accusation By Judicial Actio
Acquittance n. Release Or Discharge From Indebtedness, Obligation, Or Responsibility.
Acreage n. Quantity Or Extent Of Land, Especially Of Cultivated Land.
Acrid adv. Harshly Pungent Or Bitter.
Acrimonious adv. Full Of Bitterness.
Acrimony n. Sharpness Or Bitterness Of Speech Or Temper.
Actionable adv. Affording Cause For Instituting An Action, As Trespass, Slanderous Words.
Actuality n. Any Reality.
Actuary n. An Officer, As Of An Insurance Company, Who Calculates And States The Risks And Premiums.
Actuate v. To Move Or Incite To Action.
Acumen n. Quickness Of Intellectual Insight, Or Discernment; Keenness Of Discriminatio
Acute adv. Having Fine And Penetrating Discernment.
Adamant n. Any Substance Of Exceeding Hardness Or Impenetrability.
Adherence n. Attachment.
Adherent adv. Clinging Or Sticking Fast.
Adhesion n. The State Of Being Attached Or Joined.
Adjunct n. Something Joined To Or Connected With Another Thing, But Holding A Subordinate Place.
Adjuration n. A Vehement Appeal.
Adjutant adv. Auxiliary.
Admonition n. Gentle Reproof.
Ado n. Unnecessary Activity Or Ceremony.
Adoration n. Profound Devotio
Adroit adv. Having Skill In The Use Of The Bodily Or Mental Powers.
Adulterant n. An Adulterating Substance.
Adulterate v. To Make Impure By The Admixture Of Other Or Baser Ingredients.
Adumbrate v. To Represent Beforehand In Outline Or By Emblem.
Advent n. The Coming Or Arrival, As Of Any Important Change, Event, State, Or Personage.
Adverse adv. Opposing Or Opposed.
Adversity n. Misfortune.
Advert v. To Refer Incidentally.
Advertiser n. One Who Advertises, Especially In Newspapers.
Advisory adv. Not Mandatory.
Advocacy n. The Act Of Pleading A Cause.
Advocate n. One Who Pleads The Cause Of Another, As In A Legal Or Ecclesiastical Court.
Aerial adv. Of, Pertaining To, Or Like The Air.
Aeronaut n. One Who Navigates The Air, A Balloonist.
Aeronautics n. The Art Or Practice Of Flying Aircraft
Affable adv. Easy To Approach.
Affect v. To Act Upon
Affectation n. A Studied Or Ostentatious Pretense Or Attempt.
Affiliate n. Some Auxiliary Person Or Thing.
Affirmative adv. Answering Yes; To A Question At Issue.
Affix v. To Fasten.
Affluence n. A Profuse Or Abundant Supply Of Riches.
Affront n. An Open Insult Or Indignity.
Afoot Ad v. In Progress.
Aforesaid adv. Said In A Preceding Part Or Before.
Afresh Ad v. Once More, After Rest Or Interval.
Afterthought n. A Thought That Comes Later Than Its Appropriate Or Expected Time.
Agglomerate v. To Pile Or Heap Together.
Aggrandize v. To Cause To Appear Greatly.
Aggravate v. To Make Heavier, Worse, Or More Burdensome.
Aggravation n. The Fact Of Being Made Heavier Or More Heinous, As A Crime , Offense, Misfortune, Etc.
Aggregate n. The Entire Number, Sum, Mass, Or Quantity Of Something.
Aghast adv. Struck With Terror And Amazement.
Aide-De-Camp n. An Officer Who Receives And Transmits The Orders Of The General.
Ailment n. Slight Sickness.
Airy adv. Delicate, Ethereal.
Akin adv. Of Similar Nature Or Qualities.
Alabaster n. A White Or Delicately Tinted Fine-Grained Gypsum.
Alacrity n. Cheerful Willingness.
Alder n. Any Shrub Or Small Tree Of The Genus Alumnus, Of The Oak Family.
Alderman n. A Member Of A Municipal Legislative Body, Who Usually Exercises Also Certain Judicial Functions.
Aldermanship n. The Dignity, Condition, Office, Or Term Of Office Of An Alderma
Alias n. An Assumed Name.
Alienation n. Estrangement.
Aliment n. That Which Nourishes.
Alkali n. Anything That Will Neutralize An Acid, As Lime, Magnesia, Etc.
Allay v. To Calm The Violence Or Reduce The Intensity Of; Mitigate.
Allege v. To Assert To Be True, Especially In A Formal Manner, As In Court.
Allegory n. The Setting Forth Of A Subject Under The Guise Of Another Subject Of Aptly Suggestive Likeness.
Alleviate v. To Make Less Burdensome Or Less Hard To Bear.
Alley n. A Narrow Street, Garden Path, Walk, Or The Like.
Allude v. To Refer Incidentally, Or By Suggestion.
Allusion n. An Indirect And Incidental Reference To Something Without Definite Mention Of It.
Alluvion n. Flood.
Aloof Ad v. Not In Sympathy With Or Desiring To Associate With Others.
Altar n. Any Raised Place Or Structure On Which Sacrifices May Be Offered Or Incense Burned.
Alter v. To Make Change In.
Alteration n. Change Or Modificatio
Altercate v. To Contend Angrily Or Zealously In Words.
Altitude n. Vertical Distance Or Elevation Above Any Point Or Base-Level, As The Sea.
Alto n. The Lowest Or Deepest Female Voice Or Part.
Altruism n. Benevolence To Others On Subordination To Self-Interest.
Altruist n. One Who Advocates Or Practices Altruism.
Amalgam n. An Alloy Or Union Of Mercury With Another Metal.
Amalgamate v. To Mix Or Blend Together In A Homogeneous Body.
Amateur adv. Practicing An Art Or Occupation For The Love Of It, But Not As A Profession
Amatory adv. Designed To Excite Love.
Ambidextrous adv. Having The Ability Of Using Both Hands With Equal Skill Or Ease.
Ambulance n. A Vehicle Fitted For Conveying The Sick And Wounded.
Ambulate v. To Walk About
Ambush n. The Act Or State Of Lying Concealed For The Purpose Of Surprising Or Attacking The Enemy.
Ameliorate v. To Relieve, As From Pain Or Hardship
Amenable adv. Willing And Ready To Submit.
Americanism n. A Peculiar Sense In Which An English Word Or Phrase Is Used In The United States.
Amicable adv. Done In A Friendly Spirit.
Amity n. Friendship.
Amorous adv. Having A Propensity For Falling In Love.
Amorphous adv. Without Determinate Shape.
Amphibious adv. Living Both On Land And In Water.
Amphitheater n. An Edifice Of Elliptical Shape, Constructed About A Central Open Space Or Arena.
Amplitude n. Largeness.
Amply Ad v. Sufficiently.
Amputate v. To Remove By Cutting, As A Limb Or Some Portion Of The Body.
Amusement n. Diversio
Anachronism n. Anything Occurring Or Existing Out Of Its Proper Time.
Anagram n. The Letters Of A Word Or Phrase So Transposed As To Make A Different Word Or Phrase.
Analogous adv. Corresponding (To Some Other) In Certain Respects, As In Form, Proportion, Relations.
Analogy n. Reasoning In Which From Certain And Known Relations Or Resemblance Others Are Formed.
Analyst n. One Who Analyzes Or Makes Use Of The Analytical Method.
Analyze v. To Examine Minutely Or Critically.
Anarchy n. Absence Or Utter Disregard Of Government.
Anathema n. Anything Forbidden, As By Social Usage.
Anatomy n. That Branch Of Morphology Which Treats Of The Structure Of Organisms.
Ancestry n. One’S Ancestors Collectively.
Anecdote n. A Brief Account Of Some Interesting Event Or Incident.
Anemia n. Deficiency Of Blood Or Red Corpuscles.
Anemic adv. Affected With Anemia.
Anemometer n. An Instrument For Measuring The Force Or Velocity Of Wind.
Anesthetic adv. Pertaining To Or Producing Loss Of Sensatio
Anew Ad v. Once More.
Angelic adv. Saintly.
Anglophobia n. Hatred Or Dread Of England Or Of What Is English.
Anglo-Saxon n. The Entire English Race Wherever Found, As In Europe, The United States, Or India.
Angular adv. Sharp-Cornered.
Anhydrous adv. Withered.
Animadversion n. The Utterance Of Criticism Or Censure.
Animosity n. Hatred.
Annalist n. Historia
Annals n. A Record Of Events In Their Chronological Order, Year By Year.
Annex v. To Add Or Affix At The End.
Annihilate v. To Destroy Absolutely.
Annotate v. To Make Explanatory Or Critical Notes On Or Upon.
Annual adv. Occurring Every Year.
Annuity n. An Annual Allowance, Payment, Or Income.
Annunciation n. Proclamatio
Anode n. The Point Where Or Path By Which A Voltaic Current Enters An Electrolyte Or The Like.
Anonymous adv. Of Unknown Authorship.
Antagonism n. Mutual Opposition Or Resistance Of Counteracting Forces, Principles, Or Persons.
Antarctic adv. Pertaining To The South Pole Or The Regions Near It.
Ante v. In The Game Of Poker, To Put Up A Stake Before The Cards Are Dealt.
Antecede v. To Precede.
Antecedent n. One Who Or That Which Precedes Or Goes Before, As In Time, Place, Rank, Order, Or Causality.
Antechamber n. A Waiting Room For Those Who Seek Audience.
Antedate v. To Assign Or Affix A Date To Earlier Than The Actual One.
Antediluvian adv. Of Or Pertaining To The Times, Things, Events Before The Great Flood In The Days Of Noah.
Antemeridian adv. Before Noo
Antemundane adv. Pertaining To Time Before The World’S Creatio
Antenatal adv. Occurring Or Existing Before Birth.
Anterior adv. Prior.
Antichrist n. Any Opponent Or Enemy Of Christ, Whether A Person Or A Power.
Antilogy n. Inconsistency Or Contradiction In Terms Or Ideas.
Antiquary n. One Who Collects And Examines Old Things, As Coins, Books, Medals, Weapons, Etc.
Antiquate v. To Make Old Or Out Of Date.
Antique adv. Pertaining To Ancient Times.
Antiseptic n. Anything That Destroys Or Restrains The Growth Of Putrefactive Micro- Organisms.
Antislavery adv. Opposed To Human Slavery.
Antitoxin n. A Substance Which Neutralizes The Poisonous Products Of Micro-Organisms.
Aperture n. Hole.
Apex n. The Highest Point, As Of A Mountai
Aphorism n. Proverb.
Apiary n. A Place Where Bees Are Kept.
Apogee n. The Climax.
Appease v. To Soothe By Quieting Anger Or Indignation.
Appellate adv. Capable Of Being Appealed To.
Apposition n. The Act Of Placing Side By Side, Together, Or In Contact.
Appraise v. To Estimate The Money Value Of.
Approbation n. Sanctio
Appropriate adv. Suitable For The Purpose And Circumstances.
Aqueduct n. A Water-Conduit, Particularly One For Supplying A Community From A Distance.
Aqueous adv. Of, Pertaining To, Or Containing Water.
Arbiter n. One Chosen Or Appointed, By Mutual Consent Of Parties In Dispute, To Decide Matters.
Arboreal adv. Of Or Pertaining To A Tree Or Trees.
Arborescent adv. Having The Nature Of A Tree.
Arboretum n. A Botanical Garden Or Place Devoted To The Cultivation Of Trees Or Shrubs.
Arboriculture n. The Cultivation Of Trees Or Shrubs.
Arcade n. A Vaulted Passageway Or Street; A Roofed Passageway Having Shops, Etc., Opening From It.
Archaeology n. The Branch Of Anthropology Concerned With The Systematic Investigation Of The Relics Of Ma
Archaic adv. Antiquated
Archaism n. Obsolescence.
Archangel n. An Angel Of High Rank.
Archbishop n. The Chief Of The Bishops Of An Ecclesiastical Province In The Greek, Roman, And Anglican Church.
Archdeacon n. A High Official Administrator Of The Affairs Of A Diocese.
Archetype n. A Prototype.
Archipelago n. Any Large Body Of Water Studded With Islands, Or The Islands Collectively Themselves.
Ardent adv. Burning With Passio
Ardor n. Intensity Of Passion Or Affectio
Arid adv. Very Dry.
Aristocracy n. A Hereditary Nobility
Aristocrat n. A Hereditary Noble Or One Nearly Connected With Nobility.
Armada n. A Fleet Of War-Vessels.
Armful n. As Much As Can Be Held In The Arm Or Arms.
Armory n. An Arsenal.
Aroma n. An Agreeable Odor.
Arraign v. To Call Into Court, As A Person Indicted For Crime, And Demand Whether He Pleads Guilty Or Not.
Arrange v. To Put In Definite Or Proper Order.
Arrangement n. The Act Of Putting In Proper Order, Or The State Of Being Put In Order.
Arrant adv. Notoriously Bad.
Arrear n. Something Overdue And Unpaid.
Arrival n. A Coming To Stopping-Place Or Destinatio
Arrogant adv. Unduly Or Excessively Proud, As Of Wealth, Station, Learning, Etc.
Arrogate v. To Take, Demand, Or Claim, Especially Presumptuously Or Without Reasons Or Grounds.
Artesian Well n. A Very Deep Bored Well. Water Rises Due To Underground Pressure
Artful adv. Characterized By Craft Or Cunning.
Arthurian adv. Pertaining To King Arthur, The Real Or Legendary Hero Of British Poetic Story.
Artifice n. Trickery. Artless Adj. Ingenuous. Ascendant Adj. Dominant.
Ascension n. The Act Of Rising.
Ascent n. A Rising, Soaring, Or Climbing.
Ascetic adv. Given To Severe Self-Denial And Practicing Excessive Abstinence And Devotio
Askance Ad v. With A Side Or Indirect Glance Or Meaning.
Asperity n. Harshness Or Roughness Of Temper.
Aspirant n. One Who Seeks Earnestly, As For Advancement, Honors, Place.
Aspiration n. An Earnest Wish For That Which Is Above One’S Present Reach.
Aspire v. To Have An Earnest Desire, Wish, Or Longing, As For Something High And Good, Not Yet Attained.
Assailant n. One Who Attacks.
Assassin n. One Who Kills, Or Tries To Kill, Treacherously Or Secretly.
Assassinate v. To Kill, As By Surprise Or Secret Assault, Especially The Killing Of Some Eminent Person.
Assassination n. Murderer, As By Secret Assault Or Treachery.
Assay n. The Chemical Analysis Or Testing Of An Alloy Ore.
Assets n. Pl. Property In General, Regarded As Applicable To The Payment Of Debts.
Assiduous adv. Diligent.
Assignee n. One Who Is Appointed To Act For Another In The Management Of Certain Property And Interests.
Assimilate v. To Adapt.
Assonance n. Resemblance Or Correspondence In Sound.
Assonant adv. Having Resemblance Of Sound.
Assonate v. To Accord In Sound, Especially Vowel Sound.
Assuage v. To Cause To Be Less Harsh, Violent, Or Severe, As Excitement, Appetite, Pain, Or Disease.
Astringent adv. Harsh In Disposition Or Character.
Astute adv. Keen In Discernment.
Atheism n. The Denial Of The Existence Of God.
Athirst adv. Wanting Water.
Athwart Ad v. From Side To Side.
Atomizer n. An Apparatus For Reducing A Liquid To A Fine Spray, As For Disinfection, Inhalation, Etc.
Atone v. To Make Amends For.
Attach?? n. A Subordinate Member Of A Diplomatic Embassy.
Attest v. To Certify As Accurate, Genuine, Or True.
Audible adv. Loud Enough To Be Heard.
Audition n. The Act Or Sensation Of Hearing.
Auditory adv. Of Or Pertaining To Hearing Or The Organs Or Sense Of Hearing.
Augment v. To Make Bigger.
Augur v. To Predict.
Augustinian adv. Pertaining To St. Augustine, His Doctrines, Or The Religious Orders Called After Him.
Aura n. Pervasive Psychic Influence Supposed To Emanate From Persons
Aural adv. Of Or Pertaining To The Ear.
Auricle n. One Of The Two Chambers Of The Heart Which Receives The Blood From The Veins.
Auricular adv. Of Or Pertaining To The Ear, Its Auricle, Or The Sense Of Hearing.
Auriferous adv. Containing Gold.
Autarchy n. Unrestricted Power.
Authentic adv. Of Undisputed Origi
Authenticity n. The State Or Quality Of Being Genuine, Or Of The Origin And Authorship Claimed.
Autobiography n. The Story Of One’S Life Written By Himself.
Autocracy n. Absolute Government.
Autonomous adv. Self-Governing.
Autonomy n. Self-Government.
Autopsy n. The Examination Of A Dead Body By Dissection To Ascertain The Cause Of Death.
Autumnal adv. Of Or Pertaining To Autum
Auxiliary n. One Who Or That Which Aids Or Helps, Especially When Regarded As Subsidiary Or Accessory.
Avalanche n. The Fall Or Sliding Of A Mass Of Snow Or Ice Down A Mountain-Slope, Often Bearing With It Rock.
Avarice n. Passion For Getting And Keeping Riches.
Aver v. To Assert As A Fact.
Averse adv. Reluctant.
Aversion n. A Mental Condition Of Fixed Opposition To Or Dislike Of Some Particular Thing.
Avert v. To Turn Away Or Aside.
Aviary n. A Spacious Cage Or Enclosure In Which Live Birds Are Kept.
Awaken v. To Arouse, As Emotion, Interest, Or The Like.

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