Words To Improve And Enlarge Your English Vocabulary List B


Baconian adv. Of Or Pertaining To Lord Bacon Or His System Of Philosophy.
Bailiff n. An Officer Of Court Having Custody Of Prisoners Under Arraignment.
Baize n. A Single-Colored Napped Woolen Fabric Used For Table-Covers, Curtains, Etc.
Bale n. A Large Package Prepared For Transportation Or Storage.
Baleful adv. Malignant.
Ballad n. Any Popular Narrative Poem, Often With Epic Subject And Usually In Lyric Form.
Balsam n. A Medical Preparation, Aromatic And Oily, Used For Healing.
Banal adv. Commonplace.
Barcarole n. A Boat-Song Of Venetian Gondoliers.
Baritone adv. Having A Register Higher Than Bass And Lower Than Tenor.
Barograph n. An Instrument That Registers Graphically And Continuously The Atmospheric Pressure.
Barometer n. An Instrument For Indicating The Atmospheric Pressure Per Unit Of Surface.
Bask v. To Make Warm By Genial Heat.
Bass adv. Low In Tone Or Compass.
Baste v. To Cover With Melted Fat, Gravy, While Cooking.
Baton n. An Official Staff Borne Either As A Weapon Or As An Emblem Of Authority Or Privilege.
Battalion n. A Body Of Infantry Composed Of Two Or More Companies, Forming A Part Of A Regiment.
Batten n. A Narrow Strip Of Wood.
Batter n. A Thick Liquid Mixture Of Two Or More Materials Beaten Together, To Be Used In Cookery.
Bauble n. A Trinket.
Bawl v. To Proclaim By Outcry.
Becalm v. To Make Quiet.
Beck v. To Give A Signal To, By Nod Or Gesture.
Bedaub v. To Smear Over, As With Something Oily Or Sticky.
Bedeck v. To Cover With Ornament.
Bedlam n. Madhouse.
Befog v. To Confuse.
Befriend v. To Be A Friend To, Especially When In Need.
Belay v. To Make Fast, As A Rope, By Winding Round A Cleat.
Belie v. To Misrepresent.
Believe v. To Accept As True On The Testimony Or Authority Of Others.
Belittle v. To Disparage.
Belle n. A Woman Who Is A Center Of Attraction Because Of Her Beauty, Accomplishments, Etc.
Bellicose adv. Warlike.
Belligerent adv. Manifesting A Warlike Spirit.
Bemoan v. To Lament
Benediction n. A Solemn Invocation Of The Divine Blessing.
Benefactor n. A Doer Of Kindly And Charitable Acts.
Benefice n. A Church Office Endowed With Funds Or Property For The Maintenance Of Divine Service.
Beneficent adv. Characterized By Charity And Kindness.
Beneficial adv. Helpful.
Beneficiary n. One Who Is Lawfully Entitled To The Profits And Proceeds Of An Estate Or Property.
Benefit n. Helpful Result.
Benevolence n. Any Act Of Kindness Or Well-Doing.
Benevolent adv. Loving Others And Actively Desirous Of Their Well-Being.
Benign adv. Good And Kind Of Heart.
Bequeath v. To Give By Will.
Beset v. To Attack On All Sides.
Besmear v. To Smear Over, As With Any Oily Or Sticky Substance.
Bestial adv. Animal.
Bibliography n. A List Of The Words Of An Author, Or The Literature Bearing On A Particular Subject.
Bibliophile n. One Who Loves Books.
Bibulous adv. Fond Of Drinking.
Bide v. To Await.
Bilingual adv. Speaking Two Languages.
Biograph n. A Bibliographical Sketch Or Notice.
Biography n. A Written Account Of One’S Life, Actions, And Character.
Biology n. The Science Of Life Or Living Organisms.
Biped n. An Animal Having Two Feet.
Birthright n. A Privilege Or Possession Into Which One Is Bor
Blatant adv. Noisily Or Offensively Loud Or Clamorous.
Blaze n. A Vivid Glowing Flame.
Blazon v. To Make Widely Or Generally Known.
Bleak adv. Desolate.
Blemish n. A Mark That Mars Beauty.
Blithe adv. Joyous.
Blithesome adv. Cheerful.
Bodice n. A Women’S Ornamental Corset-Shaped Laced Waist.
Bodily adv. Corporeal.
Boisterous adv. Unchecked Merriment Or Animal Spirits.
Bole n. The Trunk Or Body Of A Tree.
Bolero n. A Spanish Dance, Illustrative Of The Passion Of Love, Accompanied By Caste Nets And Singing.
Boll n. A Round Pod Or Seed-Capsule, As A Flax Or Cotto
Bolster v. To Support, As Something Wrong.
Bomb n. A Hollow Projectile Containing An Explosive Material.
Bombard v. To Assail With Any Missile Or With Abusive Speech.
Bore v. To Weary By Tediousness Or Dullness.
Borough n. An Incorporated Village Or Tow
Bosom n. The Breast Or The Upper Front Of The Thorax Of A Human Being, Especially Of A Woma
Botanical adv. Connected With The Study Or Cultivation Of Plants.
Botanize v. To Study Plant-Life.
Botany n. The Science That Treats Of Plants.
Bountiful adv. Showing Abundance.
Bowdlerize v. To Expurgate In Editing (A Literary Composition) By Omitting Words Or Passages.
Bowler n. In Cricket, The Player Who Delivers The Ball.
Boycott v. To Place The Products Or Merchandise Of Under A Ban.
Brae n. Hillside.
Braggart n. A Vain Boaster.
Brandish v. To Wave, Shake, Or Flourish Triumphantly Or Defiantly, As A Sword Or Spear.
Bravado n. An Aggressive Display Of Boldness.
Bray n. A Loud Harsh Sound, As The Cry Of An Ass Or The Blast Of A Hor
Braze v. To Make Of Or Ornament With Brass.
Brazier n. An Open Pan Or Basin For Holding Live Coals.
Breach n. The Violation Of Official Duty, Lawful Right, Or A Legal Obligatio
Breaker n. One Who Trains Horses, Dogs, Etc.
Breech n. The Buttocks.
Brethren n. Pl. Members Of A Brotherhood, Gild, Profession, Association, Or The Like.
Brevity n. Shortness Of Duratio
Bric-A-Brac n. Objects Of Curiosity Or For Decoratio
Bridle n. The Head-Harness Of A Horse Consisting Of A Head-Stall, A Bit, And The Reins.
Brigade n. A Body Of Troops Consisting Of Two Or More Regiments.
Brigadier n. General Officer Who Commands A Brigade, Ranking Between A Colonel And A Major-General.
Brigand n. One Who Lives By Robbery And Plunder.
Brimstone n. Sulfur.
Brine n. Water Saturated With Salt.
Bristle n. One Of The Coarse, Stiff Hairs Of Swine: Used In Brush-Making, Etc.
Britannia n. The United Kingdom Of Great Britai
Briticism n. A Word, Idiom, Or Phrase Characteristic Of Great Britain Or The British.
Brittle adv. Fragile.
Browbeat v. To Overwhelm, Or Attempt To Do So, By Stern, Haughty, Or Rude Address Or Manner.
Brusque adv. Somewhat Rough Or Rude In Manner Or Speech.
Buffoon n. A Clow
Bulrush n. Any One Of Various Tall Rush-Like Plants Growing In Damp Ground Or Water.
Bulwark n. Anything That Gives Security Or Defense.
Bumper n. A Cup Or Glass Filled To The Brim, Especially One To Be Drunk As A Toast Or Health.
Bumptious adv. Full Of Offensive And Aggressive Self-Conceit.
Bungle v. To Execute Clumsily.
Bureaucracy n. Government By Departments Of Men Transacting Particular Branches Of Public Business.
Burgess n. In Colonial Times, A Member Of The Lower House Of The Legislature Of Maryland Or Virginia.
Burgher n. An Inhabitant, Citizen Or Freeman Of A Borough Burgh, Or Corporate Tow
Burnish v. To Make Brilliant Or Shining.
Bursar n. A Treasurer.
Bustle v. To Hurry.
Butt v. To Strike With Or As With The Head, Or Horns.
Butte n. A Conspicuous Hill, Low Mountain, Or Natural Turret, Generally Isolated.
Buttress n. Any Support Or Prop.

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