Words To Improve And Enlarge Your English Vocabulary List H


Habitable adv. Fit To Be Dwelt I
Habitant n. Dweller.
Hale adv. Of Sound And Vigorous Health.
Handwriting n. Penmanship.
Hanger-On n. A Parasite.
Happy-Go-Lucky adv. Improvident.
Harangue n. A Tirade.
Harass v. To Trouble With Importunities, Cares, Or Annoyances.
Harbinger n. One Who Or That Which Foreruns And Announces The Coming Of Any Person Or Thing.
Hard-Hearted adv. Lacking Pity Or Sympathy.
Hawthorn n. A Thorny Shrub Much Used In England For Hedges.
Hazard n. Risk.
Henchman n. A Servile Assistant And Subordinate.
Herbaceous adv. Having The Character Of A Herb.
Hernia n. Protrusion Of Any Internal Organ In Whole Or In Part From Its Normal Positio
Hesitancy n. A Pausing To Consider.
Hesitant adv. Vacillating.
Hesitation n. Vacillatio
Heterodox adv. At Variance With Any Commonly Accepted Doctrine Or Opinio
Heterogeneity n. Unlikeness Of Constituent Parts.
Heterogeneous adv. Consisting Of Dissimilar Elements Or Ingredients Of Different Kinds.
Heteromorphic adv. Deviating From The Normal Form Or Standard Type.
Hiatus n. A Break Or Vacancy Where Something Necessary To Supply The Connection Is Wanting.
Hibernal adv. Pertaining To Winter.
Hibernian adv. Pertaining To Ireland, Or Its People.
Hindmost adv. Farthest From The Front.
Hindrance n. An Obstacle.
Hirsute adv. Having A Hairy Covering.
Horde n. A Gathered Multitude Of Human Beings.
Hosiery n. A Stocking.
Hostility n. Enmity.
Humbug n. Anything Intended Or Calculated To Deceive Or Mislead.
Humiliate v. To Put To Shame.
Hussar n. A Light-Horse Trooper Armed With Saber And Carbine.
Hustle v. To Move With Haste And Promptness.
Hybrid adv. Cross-Bred.
Hydra n. The Seven- Or Nine-Headed Water-Serpent Slain By Hercules.
Hygiene n. The Branch Of Medical Science That Relates To Improving Health.
Hypnotism n. An Artificially Induced Somnambulistic State In Which The Mind Readily Acts On Suggestio
Hypnotize v. To Produce A Somnambulistic State In Which The Mind Readily Acts On Suggestions.
Hypocrisy n. Extreme Insincerity.
Hypocrite n. One Who Makes False Professions Of His Views Or Beliefs.
Hypodermic adv. Pertaining To The Area Under The Ski
Hysteria n. A Nervous Affection Occurring Typically In Paroxysms Of Laughing And Crying.

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