Words To Improve And Enlarge Your English Vocabulary List Q


Quackery n. Charlatanry
Quadrate v. To Divide Into Quarters.
Quadruple v. To Multiply By Four.
Qualification n. A Requisite For An Employment, Position, Right, Or Privilege.
Qualify v. To Endow Or Furnish With Requisite Ability, Character, Knowledge, Skill, Or Possessions.
Qualm n. A Fit Of Nausea.
Quandary n. A Puzzling Predicament.
Quantity n. Magnitude.
Quarantine n. The Enforced Isolation Of Any Person Or Place Infected With Contagious Disease.
Quarrelsome adv. Irascible.
Quarter n. One Of Four Equal Parts Into Which Anything Is Or May Be Divided.
Quarterly adv. Occurring Or Made At Intervals Of Three Months.
Quartet n. A Composition For Four Voices Or Four Instruments.
Quarto n. An Eight-Page Newspaper Of Any Size.
Quay n. A Wharf Or Artificial Landing-Place On The Shore Of A Harbor Or Projecting Into It.
Querulous adv. Habitually Complaining.
Query v. To Make Inquiry.
Queue n. A File Of Persons Waiting In Order Of Their Arrival, As For Admittance.
Quibble n. An Utterly Trivial Distinction Or Objectio
Quiescence n. Quiet.
Quiescent adv. Being In A State Of Repose Or Inactio
Quiet adv. Making No Noise.
Quietus n. A Silencing, Suppressing, Or Ending.
Quintessence n. The Most Essential Part Of Anything.
Quintet n. Musical Composition Arranged For Five Voices Or Instruments.
Quite Ad v. Fully.
Quixotic adv. Chivalrous Or Romantic To A Ridiculous Or Extravagant Degree.

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