Words To Improve And Enlarge Your English Vocabulary List T


Tableau n. An Arrangement Of Inanimate Figures Representing A Scene From Real Life.
Tacit adj. Understood.
Taciturn adj. Disinclined To Conversatio
Tack n. A Small Sharp-Pointed Nail.
Tact n. Fine Or Ready Mental Discernment Shown In Saying Or Doing The Proper Thing.
Tactician n. One Who Directs Affairs With Skill And Shrewdness.
Tactics n. Any Maneuvering Or Adroit Management For Effecting An Object.
Tangency n. The State Of Touching.
Tangent adj. Touching.
Tangible adj. Perceptible By Touch.
Tannery n. A Place Where Leather Is Tanned.
Tantalize v. To Tease.
Tantamount adj. Having Equal Or Equivalent Value, Effect, Or Import.
Tapestry n. A Fabric To Which A Pattern Is Applied With A Needle, Designed For Ornamental Hangings.
Tarnish v. To Lessen Or Destroy The Luster Of In Any Way.
Taut adj. Stretched Tight.
Taxation n. A Levy, By Government, Of A Fixed Contributio
Taxidermy n. The Art Or Process Of Preserving Dead Animals Or Parts Of Them.
Technic adj. Technical.
Technicality n. Something Peculiar To A Particular Art, Trade, Or The Like.
Technique n. Manner Of Performance.
Technography n. The Scientific Description Or Study Of Human Arts And Industries In Their Historic Development.
Technology n. The Knowledge Relating To Industries And Manufactures.
Teem v. To Be Full To Overflowing.
Telepathy n. Thought-Transference.
Telephony n. The Art Or Process Of Communicating By Telephone.
Telescope v. To Drive Together So That One Slides Into The Another Like The Sections Of A Spy- Glass.
Telltale adj. That Gives Warning Or Informatio
Temerity n. Recklessness.
Temporal adj. Pertaining To Or Concerned With The Affairs Of The Present Life.
Temporary adj. Lasting For A Short Time Only.
Temporize v. To Pursue A Policy Of Delay.
Tempt v. To Offer To (Somebody) An Inducement To Do Wrong.
Tempter n. An Allurer Or Enticer To Evil.
Tenacious adj. Unyielding.
Tenant n. An Occupant.
Tendency n. Direction Or Inclination, As Toward Some Objector End.
Tenet n. Any Opinion, Principle, Dogma, Or Doctrine That A Person Believes Or Maintains As True.
Tenor n. A Settled Course Or Manner Of Progress.
Tense adj. Strained To Stiffness.
Tentative adj. Done As An Experiment.
Tenure n. The Term During Which A Thing Is Held.
Tercentenary adj. Pertaining To A Period Of 300 Years.
Termagant adj. Violently Abusive And Quarrelsome.
Terminal adj. Pertaining To Or Creative Of A Boundary, Limit.
Terminate v. To Put An End Or Stop To.
Termination n. The Act Of Ending Or Concluding.
Terminus n. The Final Point Or Goal.
Terrify v. To Fill With Extreme Fear.
Territorial adj. Pertaining To The Domain Over Which A Sovereign State Exercises Jurisdictio
Terse adj. Pithy.
Testament n. A Will.
Testator n. The Maker Of A Will.
Testimonial n. A Formal Token Of Regard, Often Presented In Public.
Thearchy n. Government By A Supreme Deity.
Theism n. Belief In God.
Theocracy n. A Government Administered By Ecclesiastics.
Theocrasy n. The Mixed Worship Of Polytheism.
Theologian n. A Professor Of Divinity.
Theological adj. Based On Or Growing Out Of Divine Revelatio
Theology n. The Branch Of Theological Science That Treats Of God.
Theoretical adj. Directed Toward Knowledge For Its Own Sake Without Respect To Applications.
Theorist n. One Given To Speculating.
Theorize v. To Speculate.
Thereabout Ad v. Near That Number, Quantity, Degree, Place, Or Time, Approximately.
Therefor Ad v. For That Or This.
Thermal adj. Of Or Pertaining To Heat.
Thermoelectric adj. Denoting Electricity Produced By Heat.
Thermoelectricity n. Electricity Generated By Differences Of Temperature,
Thesis n. An Essay Or Treatise On A Particular Subject.
Thoroughbred adj. Bred From The Best Or Purest Blood Or Stock.
Thoroughfare n. A Public Street Or Road.
Thrall n. One Controlled By An Appetite Or A Passio
Tilth n. Cultivatio
Timbre n. The Quality Of A Tone, As Distinguished From Intensity And Pitch.
Timorous adj. Lacking Courage.
Tincture n. A Solution, Usually Alcoholic, Of Some Principle Used In Medicine.
Tinge n. A Faint Trace Of Color.
Tipsy adj. Befuddled With Drinks.
Tirade n. Harangue.
Tireless adj. Untiring.
Tiresome adj. Wearisome.
Titanic adj. Of Vast Size Or Strength.
Toilsome adj. Laborious.
Tolerable adj. Moderately Good.
Tolerance n. Forbearance In Judging Of The Acts Or Opinions Of Others.
Tolerant adj. Indulgent.
Tolerate v. To Passively Permit Or Put Up With.
Toleration n. A Spirit Of Charitable Leniency.
Topography n. The Art Of Representing On A Map The Physical Features Of Any Locality Or Region With Accuracy.
Torpor n. Apathy.
Torrid adj. Excessively Hot.
Tortious adj. Wrongful.
Tortuous adj. Abounding In Irregular Bends Or Turns.
Torturous adj. Marked By Extreme Suffering.
Tractable adj. Easily Led Or Controlled.
Triumvir n. One Of Three Men United Coordinately In Public Office Or Authority.
Trivial adj. Of Little Importance Or Value.
Troublesome adj. Burdensome.
Truculence n. Ferocity.
Truculent adj. Having The Character Or The Spirit Of A Savage.
Truism n. A Statement So Plainly True As Hardly To Require Statement Or Proof.
Truthful adj. Veracious.
Turgid adj. Swolle
Turpitude n. Depravity.
Tutelage n. The Act Of Training Or The State Of Being Under Instructio
Tutelar adj. Protective.
Tutorship n. The Office Of A Guardia
Twinge n. A Darting Momentary Local Pai
Typical adj. Characteristic.
Typify v. To Serve As A Characteristic Example Of.
Typographical adj. Pertaining To Typography Or Printing.
Typography n. The Arrangement Of Composed Type, Or The Appearance Of Printed Matter.
Tyrannical adj. Despotic.
Tyranny n. Absolute Power Arbitrarily Or Unjustly Administrated.
Tyro n. One Slightly Skilled In Or Acquainted With Any Trade Or Professio

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